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Bank Of Canada Interest Rates

How The Bank Of Canada Interest Rates Affect You

What Overnight Interest Rates Mean To Mortgage Holders Often on the news, you will hear the announcement that the Bank of Canada raised, lowered, or held its overnight interest rate. Many people don’t pay much attention to these. However, monitoring the changes will protect your finances in the long term. Does The Bank Of Canada …

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Detail of facade of modern sustainable building

Financial Incentives Available For Building Green

Build Green High-Density Renovation Pilot Project Benefits Commercial Owners  The term holistic is not often associated with commercial building construction. However, with the new Built Green Canada High-Density Renovation Pilot Program (BGCHDR) launched in Sept. 2019, the term applies to the interaction of advanced building technologies, practices, and materials as they apply to whole energy-efficient …

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The Difference Between Mortgage Specialists

Navigating how to apply for a home or commercial mortgage can be confusing and overwhelming. It’s why you need useful information to pick a trustworthy person to lead you through the process of acquiring your financing. When you buy a home, you have the choice of applying for a mortgage through a Canadian banking institution …

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Buying a home

Taking Part In The First Time Home Buyer Incentive

What is the First Time Home Buyer Incentive? For homebuyers looking to break into the Calgary housing market, the stress test and other changes have made it a challenge. That is in part why the federal government put the First Time Home Buyers Incentive in place. Participants of the program, which kicked off on September …

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Real Estate - Buying a home

An upside to Calgary’s falling house prices

Written by Robson Fletcher · CBC News · Posted: Apr 26, 2019 Based on income and benchmark prices, report finds most people here could afford a single-family home For nearly five years now, Calgary's real estate market has been described as slow, flat, listless. Compared with long-term averages, fewer homes are being bought and sold these days. And those that do …
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Should you go with a Fixed or variable rate mortgage

Fixed vs Variable Rate

One of the first questions we hear from our mortgage customers is, "What is the best rate?" and "Should we take a fixed rate or variable?" The real question is, "What is the better option for you?" Borrowing money to purchase a home comes with an inherent risk. You are borrowing a large amount of …
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The Ronald McDonald House

Last Week Tuesday, we started our day volunteering at Ronald McDonald House. We teamed up with our fantastic lender partner, First National Financial. Thank you, Lisa Bartlett and Tara Beattie for inviting us. Our community is incredibly fortunate to have this facility available to families, in their time of need.
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Your Credit Score. Calgary Credit Score is important. The Mortgage Group

Mortgage Payout Penalties

Your friends or family may have told you about how they were hit with a payout penalty when selling or refinancing. You may think that you don't need to worry about this happening as you are purchasing your "forever home". However, it is important to note that on average - over 60% of Canadians break …
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