Qualifying For A Mortgage

Ready to open the next chapter of your life? The idea of buying a home is both exhilarating and full of unknowns. But before we get to the buying, let’s first talk about qualifying. If you have been considering applying for a mortgage, then you’re in the right place. Today we are going to give you the low-down on qualifying for a mortgage. This article will include tips and tricks to help you get it right the first time.


Let’s start by discussing where to begin. Qualifying for a mortgage depends on many factors, and the process can look different for everyone.

First, we will discuss some of the paperwork you will need to get. Next, we will outline the mortgage pre-approval process. We have also included some things you will want to avoid. Lastly, we discuss how and why a credit score is vital for qualifying for a mortgage.

Learn about qualifying for a mortgage


This is arguably one of the most important tips. When it comes time to apply, you will need several documents. Having this all organized in one file will make your life much easier. A mortgage broker can help make sure you have all the documents needed for qualifying for a mortgage.

First is proof of employment. A current pay stub is proof you have enough income that can go towards mortgage payments.

A letter of employment from your employer is another form of proof your lender will want. This letter is to ensure your job title, income and length of time employed are correct.

For those who are self-employed, you will need to show notices of assessment, T1 Generals and Business Financial Statements.


We recommend this step because it shows the greatest mortgage amount you could qualify for. A lender will look at the documents we mentioned above and review your credit report. This way, they can calculate the maximum amount to lend and at what interest rate. That is why we recommend organizing your documents early. Other documents you should gather include:

  • Identification
  • Proof Of Assets, For Example, Your Car
  • Information About Your Debt, Such As Student Loans Or Credit Debt

Before you shop around, getting the pre-approval will show you how much you can afford. Many realtors won’t want to show you houses without this pre-approval. Therefore, it is important to get this done early. Online mortgage qualifier calculators can help give you a general idea.


Once they have pre-approved you, avoid making any major purchases. You want your financial situation to stay the same until your loan is finalized. Changes could mean you risk loan rejection.

Another thing to avoid is changing or quitting your job. Documents on proof of employment are key to helping you attain mortgage approval. Now is not the time to change career paths.

When qualifying for a mortgage, you will also want to avoid applying for new forms of credit. You want your debt level and available credit to remain the same.

Essentially, anything to do with finances should stay the same during the mortgage pre-approval process. Once you have successfully moved into your new home, you can change things around.


For a mortgage pre-approval, you will either go to a mortgage lender or mortgage broker. Both have different steps and methods.

A mortgage lender will lend the money directly to you. Mortgage lenders commonly include banks, credit unions, loan companies, or mortgage companies.

Mortgage brokers will find a lender for you, they do not lend money to you. With so many options, brokers have access to more information than the average person. You will have more choices at more competitive rates. Not only that, but brokers can get special deals and add-ons at no cost to you. Overall, they help make the process much easier for you.


Lastly, let’s talk about credit score and why it’s important. A credit score summarizes the credits you use and whether you make your payments on time. This includes credit cards, loans, and financing plans. Building good credit history means making your payments on time.

Bad credit history, or no credit history at all, means it’ll be harder to borrow money. You can see your credit score through Borrowell, or Credit Karma.

A lender will check your credit history through a credit-reporting agency. Another way a lender sees you have a good credit rating is by looking at your loans. Having different types of loans shows them you are reliable and responsible. For example, you may have credit cards, a car loan, and a student loan. Building a good credit score takes time. This is because you must build trust through regular payments.


Qualifying for a mortgage can be a relatively simple process when done correctly. Mortgage brokers have the expertise and experience to help get you there. They will work with you so that qualifying for a mortgage isn’t a daunting process. With an online mortgage application form, simply fill out the information and let a broker do the rest.

In conclusion, paperwork is key. After organizing your documents:

  • Get A Mortgage Pre-Approval
  • While Waiting For Approval, Avoid Any Changes To Your Job Or Financial Situation
  • Check Up On Your Credit Score To See Where You Stand

For expert advice on qualifying for a mortgage, our team at The Mortgage Group Inc. is here to help. We will be with you every step of the way and help get you the best rates in Calgary. Contact us today for a consultation.